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Intimate Partner Violence

a RDSL Research Topic

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant public health problem among adolescents and young adults. We are using RDSL data to investigate the dynamic patterns of violence within young women's intimate relationships, the types of intimate relationships that include violence, and the extent to which individual and relationship factors influence these patterns. The findings will inform theory and prevention, intervention, and treatment strategies aimed at reducing intimate partner violence.

Funding Support

Population Research Infrastructure Support
R24HD041028. NICHD. 2016. Jeffery Morenoff, PI.

Social Science Training in Population Studies
T32HD007339. NICHD. 2016. Jeffery Morenoff, PI.

The Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence
R03HD080775. NICHD. 2015-2018. $77,563. Yasamin Kusunoki, PI.

Dynamic Patterns of Relationship Violence among Young Women
Institute for Research on Women and Gender, University of Michigan, Faculty Seed Grant. 2015. $10,000. Yasamin Kusunoki, PI.

The Effects of Community-Level Violence on Individual-Level Violent Experiences
Population Studies Center, University of Michigan, PSC Pilot Grant. 2014-2015. $20,000. Yasamin Kusunoki, PI.

Relationship Violence: The Role of Dynamic Relationship Processes
Population Studies Center, University of Michigan, Brown Fund. 2013-2014. $7000. Yasamin Kusunoki,PI.

Young Women's Relationships, Contraception, and Unintended Pregnancy
R01HD050329. NICHD. 2007-2012. ~$2 million. Jennifer Barber, PI.

Related Publications

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