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Unintended Childbearing

a RDSL Research Topic

Unintended childbearing is associated with a wide range of negative health statuses for children and their mothers. Although the rate of unintended pregnancy in the U.S. recently declined, it remains persistently high, and understanding its precursors is vitally important for its reduction. We are using RDSL data to investigate attitudes, intimate relationships, and contraceptive use, as well as activities that compete with these childbearing-oriented factors, that are associated with unintended childbearing during the transition to adulthood.

Funding Support

Population Research Infrastructure Support
R24HD041028. NICHD. 2016. Jeffery Morenoff, PI.

Social Science Training in Population Studies
T32HD007339. NICHD. 2016. Jeffery Morenoff, PI.

Distal Determinants of Race-Ethnic Variation in Unintended Fertility
R01HD078412. NICHD. 2014-2018. $425,000. Karen Guzzo, PI.

Dynamic Measures of Pregnancy Intentions and Subsequent Pregnancy
R03HD077051. NICHD. 2014-2016. $100,000. Jennifer Barber, PI.

A Comparison of Attitudes, Intentions, and Behaviors of Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Young Women: Evidence from the Relationship Dynamics and Social Life (RDSL) Study
Population Studies Center, University of Michigan, Freedman Fund. 2012-2013. $9000. Yasamin Kusunoki, PI.

The Role of Research in Enhancing Family Planning and Pregnancy Prevention
Distinguished Fellows Program, William T. Grant Foundation. 2011-2013. $199,784. Jennifer Barber, PI.

Young Women's Relationships, Contraception, and Unintended Pregnancy
R01HD050329. NICHD. 2007-2012. ~$2 million. Jennifer Barber, PI.

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